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Marionette Lines

As we age, the elastin and collagen around the cheeks and chin reduce, causing the skin to sag. The lines caused by this are known as Marionette lines, and can often produce a sad, miserable-looking expression.

Procedure Time

15-30 minutes



Recovery Time


Duration of Results

6 Months


From £200

What are Marionette Lines

Marionette lines are creases that can form between the corner of the mouth and the chin due to a decrease in collagen production as a result of natural ageing. When these wrinkles become pronounced, they can give the face an unfriendly appearance.

The primary cause is the natural aging process, which leads to a decrease in collagen, hyaluronic acid, and elastin. The reduction of these proteins in the body results in sagging cheeks and the formation of marionette lines. Additionally, movements of the muscles around the mouth during activities like talking, smiling, smoking, or kissing contribute to the loss of skin elasticity and firmness. Other factors such as prolonged sun exposure, diet, genetics, and stress also contribute to the prominence of marionette lines.

At Refine Aesthetics, we offer a treatment for marionette lines that involves injecting hyaluronic acid fillers beneath the skin in the area of volume loss. This procedure effectively restores plumpness and a youthful appearance, lifting the skin folds and lines from the nose to the mouth.

The treatment is safe and straightforward, and typically requires minimal to no downtime.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Am I going to need a consultation before going ahead with treatment?

    Before administering any treatments, our clinicians prioritise conducting consultations to ensure a thorough understanding of your goals regarding the lines and wrinkles in the area between your nose and mouth. Although a consultation is essential, in most cases, you can typically receive the treatment during the same appointment.

  • How much pain is involved in having the marionette lines treated?

    Our products contain lidocaine, which serves as a built-in anaesthetic to minimise any discomfort experienced during the procedure. Additionally, we apply an anaesthetic cream to ensure your treatment is as comfortable as possible. While it’s normal to feel a slight degree of discomfort during medical procedures, our medical practitioners are empathetic and will accommodate your pace and address your concerns. As a result, most customers report experiencing very minimal discomfort.

  • I'm pregnant or breast-feeding, can I still have my treatment done?

    No, unfortunately we don’t treat ladies while they’re pregnant or breast-feeding.

  • When the results fade, will my lines be worse than they were before?

    No. The lines you had in the marionette area will instead return to how they were before you began your dermal filler treatment.

Your treatment journey



The initial consultation represents the first step in any treatment journey. Taking your medical history into account, we will carefully listen to understand your concerns and agree on a personalised treatment plan to help you reach your aesthetic goals.



From anti-wrinkle injections to dermal fillers, Refine Aesthetics will draw from their knowledge and experience to expertly deliver the treatments agreed during your consultation, making sure you are comfortable and at ease.



At Refine Aesthetics, we want to make sure you are satisfied. After your treatment(s) are completed, our compassionate team will be in touch to ensure you are happy with the results and to check on any potential side effects.

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